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Saturday 15 October 2016
MuLab 7.1 has been released.
MuLab 7.1 features an essential rewrite of the MacOS specific code as well as a nice collection of improvements for all platforms.

What's New  |  MuLab 7.1 Downloads

Sunday 5 June 2016
MuLab and MUX Modular 7.0.47 released with a couple of bug fixes, see the change log.

If you already have installed the new M7 package, you can apply this quick patch:          MuLab App Patch          MUX App Patch

Tuesday 31 May 2016
MuLab and MUX Modular 7 have been released.

What's New  |  MuLab 7 Downloads  |  MUX Modular 7 Downloads








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