From an early age MuTools founder Jo Langie was passionate about audio, music and technology. As a teenager he built his own hardware synthesizer and used it live on stage. Later on after studying software development at Sint Lodewijk Antwerp he started developing music software. At the same time he was very active as a musician, mainly in the electronic music styles.

Step by step I.M.S. (Intuitive MIDI System) grew into one of the first generation software sequencers available for the good old Atari computers, in concurrence with other apps like Steinberg's Pro24 and Cubase, and C-Lab's Creator and Notator, and others. Making a solid and efficient music app on the Atari included lots of deep Motorola 68000 assembler programming. I.M.S. was intensively used by an exclusive group of musicians, both live and in the studio, but was not commercially available at that time.

Later on Belgian tech company MeepMeep participated in the commercialization of I.M.S. resulting in the new product MBoom. MBoom was a unique MIDI sequencer that combined pattern-based and linear song arranging with an integrated audio sampler. MBoom was available for both MacOS and Windows computers.
On the MBoom foundations, Jo developed Muzys, a next generation music sequencer which was much appreciated by many musicians around the world. Muzys not only allowed recording, playing and editing of MIDI but also featured integrated high-quality sound and effect modules like the MuZynth and the RevOrb.

Because of Muzys' strength Jo was contacted by several important players in the music software scene (NDA), also by Computer Music magazine which licensed a customized version of Muzys, Computer Muzys, as the main part of their music studio that was bundled with their magazines.

Following the success of Muzys, M-Audio and Jo Langie cooperated many years on several music products (NDA).

As M-Audio was acquired by Avid, company strategies changed, and the cooperation with M-Audio was stopped. Consequently Jo founded MuTools and developed MuLab, music studio software for MacOS and Windows. MuLab features both a flexible music composer and a completely modular audio engine (MUX Modular) which results in vast creative possibilities. In 2012 the MUX was also released as a VST plug-in.

In parallel to developing its own product line, MuTools also cooperates with companies on other projects. For example Formula One Management Ltd contracted MuTools several times to R&D different parts of their new real-time audio processing software used during the broadcasting of Team Radio.