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MuLab Levels

MuLab 7 can work in 2 modes: Free mode (MuLab Free) and unlimited mode (MuLab UL).

Both MuLab modes are fully functional, but the difference is that when you cross one of the limits of MuLab Free, then you enter demo mode and you'll regularly hear a soft noise.

For example: You can use ReWire in MuLab Free, but only in demo mode i.e. the soft noise will be there from time to time. So MuLab Free has a double function: It's a nice free musical tool and at the same time it's a demo version to try out all features of MuLab UL.

This table shows the level limits:

 MuLab FreeMuLab UL
Num Audio Inputs/Outputs2/232/32
Num Tracks Per Composition4Unlimited
Num VST Plug-Ins Per Project8Unlimited
Can Use ReWire DevicesNoYes
Can Mixdown In 32 bitNoYes
PriceFree69 EUR


MuLab UL User Keys can be purchased in the


About the soft noise

MuLab Free has certain limits, cfr the table above. If you go beyond one of these limits, you're entering demo mode and so you'll regularly hear a soft noise. It may take a bit of time before you start hearing this noise. Similarly, when returning inside the limits, it may take a bit of time before the demo noise disappears.

Of course we hope you'll soon step to MuLab UL thereby giving yourself unlimited creative space and at the same time support the further development of MuLab! We can't R&D without an income!


  • The "Num Audio Inputs/Outputs" is defined by the actual in/out pin usage in the audio input/output modules in the Project Modular Area.
  • Also when there is something wrong with the user key (eg. inserting an MuLab 6 user key in MuLab 7), the soft noise will appear, even when you're inside the above mentioned limits. In that case you can remove the user key to return to MuLab Free and/or contact to check what's wrong with the user key.

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