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Important note: Make sure to have read the main page about how to manage preferences, see Common Preferences.

This page describes MUX Modular's specific preferences in MainSetup.txt.



  • SetChunkMustCallUpdateDispay : 0=No, 1=Yes. If the host does not refresh its editor/displays after it loaded a new preset into the MUX Modular Plug-In, then try setting this to 1.
  • MuxSynthNumStereoInputs/MuxSynthNumStereoOutputs/MuxEffectNumStereoInputs/MuxEffectNumStereoOutputs : These 4 settings define the number of inputs and outputs for the synth and effect version of MUX Modular VST. These are global settings that should be used carefully. The effect of changing these settings also depends on your host. Be sure the properly test a new configuration before relying on it. The defaults for these settings are respectively: 2/4/2/4

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