MuLab 5 : What's New


Multi-Core Support


Finally it's here: MuLab 5 has full multi-core support which means you can get much more sound and music out of your multi-core computer.

How it works: MuLab will use a number of parallel computing threads which will be spread over the different CPU cores in your system, thereby processing all the racks, plug-ins and modules as parallel as possible. You can control how many of such parallel threads should be launched via the Audio Setup.


Integrated Multi-Functional Browser


MuLab 5 features a new multi-functional browser where you'll find all samples, sequences etc in your session, but also your MUX preset, wave and MIDI files etc on your system. It's a central place from which you can easily preview and drag-drop objects around.


Extended Drag-Drop Support


In parallel to the new browser, MuLab 5 features extended drag-drop support. Many more options to drag objects onto other objects for telling MuLab what you want. Drag-drop is a very intuitive way of working and is close to touch screen operation, something we're very interested in wrt future developments.


Enhanced Automation & Modulation Envelopes


Curves are used at many places in MuLab/MUX, the most prominent place is in the automation envelopes in the composer and in the multi-point envelope modules. Now the curve between two envelope points can have many more forms e.g. Exponential, Sine Wave, Saw Wave, Stairs etc... Also editing has been greatly improved for there is a clear curve handle in between 2 envelope points.


Extended MUX Power


  • Enhanced support for designing your own MUX front panels. (see below)
  • New Sequence Player module.
  • New Note Key Ranger module.
  • Doubled the number of meta-parameters to 32.
  • All MU parameter names can be customized. (i.e. not only the meta-parameter names)
  • Parameter edits are undoable.
  • Enhanced audio filter algorithm resulting in even higher audio quality.
  • Improved support for rack presets e.g. you can now directly drop a rack preset on a MUX deep editor etc.
  • Smart Bypass for VST plug-ins.
  • ADSR envelope has extra "Legato" property: .
  • ...


Enhanced Support For Designing Your Own MUX Front Panels


Creating modular patches can be fantastic advantures. But when you're in musical mood you want quick and easy access. That's where the MUX Front Panels come into play. Creating nice front panels for your modular patches is a matter of drag-dropping the relevant parameters and components onto that front panel, and arrange them using slick group frames.

In MUX 5 you have many more options to finetune the looks of these front panels resulting a much better looking front panels.


Extended Shortcut System


Most functions are available via so called 'context menus'. When you right-click on a certain object, then a menu pops up showing a list of functions that are relevant to that object. But when you have to access the same function many times, it can become a bit tedious having to navigate the context menu all the time. That's where the Function Shortcuts become a helping hand, for you can map a computer key (or even a MIDI event) to a certain context function, then pressing that key triggers that context function!

In MuLab 5 you can now assign multiple functions to a single shortcut, and thus build kind of little macros. At the same time there are also more specific actions like Goto Last User Position, Goto Composition Start, Goto Loop Start and Goto Loop End, and also the rack desk and deep modular editors are now all using the same system.


New: MuClips


MuClips are preset files that combine a sequence part together with its target sound module. For example you made a nice drum beat or bass line, now these can be saved as a MuClip and easily used in other sessions or shared with other users. Only a couple of words here to describe the new feature, but a great tool to have in your musical workflow!


Restyled User Interface


MuLab 5 comes with a restyled user interface which is much more sweet to the eye. At the same time MuLab's looks are also more customizable and come with a rich range of finetuned presets varying from deep dark looks to bright looks.


> 100 Improvements


MuLab 5 features more than 100 improvements compared to MuLab 4. The detailed change log is here.



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